Most bicycles are still handmade though in truth this has far less to do with quality than with costs. Bikes coming off assembly lines aim at affordability and, more often than not, they will ride well enough to get us down the road. In fact, it’s almost impossible to build a bike that’s truly un-ride-able or one that fails to bring a smile. It is far more challenging to build a bicycle that excels in design, construction, fit, and, ultimately, in riding experience. This is my commitment, my craft, and my goal everyday in my shop.

More important than whether a bicycle is handmade are the hands that have made it. When you have apprenticed your craft with exceptionally talented builders and designers, experience then becomes the greatest teacher of all. Over the course of the past nineteen years I have built no fewer than 1500 frames and each one advanced my understanding of the process and effort it takes to refine and develop different styles of bicycles. Expertise in frame building is as much a matter of repetition as it is self-investment. Having built road race and all-rounder, mountain and cyclocross, track and tandem frames and also complete-bicycles in the tradition of the constructeurs who conceive frame, fork, and parts as a whole, I have learned, experimented, and tested nearly every technique in bicycle construction. I’ve studied with the same passion the best work of the past, to see how a particular idea might be re-incorporated into a design or refined to a new level of perfection. The results have been wonderfully satisfying but also relevant to developing that personal sense of style that makes a Goodrich a bicycle that stands on its own. Building bicycles is my life’s work. Designing and building one for you will create something you can be proud to ride and to own for your lifetime.

I’m proud to announce Curt Goodrich Bicycles has wet paint capabilities. This means every step of the building process is done in house by me. It is very rewarding for me to know that I’ve taken the bike from start to finish. Dupont and House of Kolor paints are used and these allow for an almost unlimited choice of colors. Choosing colors is an exciting step in this whole process. Have fun with it and if you’re looking for help or inspiration let me know because I enjoy being part of the decision process.