Rohloff frame

IMG_2585IMG_2586IMG_2587IMG_2588IMG_2589This frame is built for a Rohloff hub, disc brakes and a Phil Wood eccentric bottom bracket.  The bb shell is fillet brazed and the rest is lugged.  The rear drop outs are from Paragon Machine Works.  They’re not really my usual style but the built in disc brake tab is handy.  The drop outs are actually two non-drive side drops but the one on the drive side has the disc brake mounts removed.  This is because the customer wants to either use this bike as either a single speed or use the Rohloff.  Das Knob will be mounted on a shifter boss on the left side of the down tube.  In the picture of the underside of the bb shell I brazed a stainless steel tube for the shifter cables to go in.  I left the tube open to make switching from Rohloff to single speed easier.  The customer can just remove the gear box from the Rohloff without disconnecting the cables.  The stainless tube will be nice if the cables rub through the paint.  The bike will have a front rack to hold a handlebar bag.  The bike will be used for commuting in MN year round.  Stainless steel fenders will be mounted too.  Shortly after taking these pictures, I sprayed primer on the frame and fork.  The customer picked it up with just primer on it.  We both wanted to have him ride it a little bit to confirm the braze on placements.  I don’t normally do that but this bike is unique and the customer is a local.  Once we’re satisfied with everything then I’ll strip the primer off and give it a real paint job.