Rene Singer lugs

This frame and fork are built with Rene Singer lugs (Richard Sachs’ latest set) and Pacenti crown and bb shell. The frame and fork are designed around 650b wheels with Grand Bois tires. It’s a rando style set up with a custom rack and stem which are at the plater. The bike will have a Goodrich custom tail light. Hence the mount on the back of the seat tube.

Speaking of randonneur bikes, one of mine was recently reviewed in Bicycle Quarterly (BQ). I don’t like when people cherry pick only the positive comments in a review but I’m going to use a quote from the review anyway-
“Excellent workmanship, performance and handling combine to make the Goodrich a superior bike that can be ridden any distance, in any weather, over any road surface. Unless you race or carry large loads, it would be hard to find a better bike.” You can see a picture of the bike and get a little information about the current issue here-

To me that’s a great review and I’m proud. I build a wide variety of bikes but the randonneur bikes are the most complicated. If you don’t subscribe to Bicycle Quarterly you should. Even if you’re not into randonneuring or vintage/historical bike stuff BQ is a quality publication and read. If nothing else, it’s not like the other bike mags and that’s worth something!