My experiences at NAHBS

The show was a great success. The attendance rate was great and the people were so kind and gracious. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I can say that in retrospect though. Thursday night I didn’t sleep well. Nerves and excitement kept me awake. Hopefully it didn’t show on Friday but I was nervous. After all these years I’ve built a lot of bikes and feel confident in those abilities but I’d never done a show before. I calmed down shortly after the doors opened and realized my fears were unfounded.

I brought three bikes- road, sportif and cross. Simple but elegant paint jobs and nice builds. I wanted to accurately represent what I do rather than take two months to build some wild concept bike. The cross bike was a first for me of sorts. It was the first bike with my name on the down tube that used a carbon fork. I’m sponsoring a local cross team and this is one of the bikes. I wanted to do a carbon fork but wanted to use lugs that accomodated a 1.125″ steerer and a level top tube. There aren’t too many choices but I found a lug set that would work. I carved them up a bit and am very happy with the look. To my eye, the bike looks thoroughly modern yet preserves a timeless classic appearance. At least that’s my goal. The color is a blue that I’ve been wanting to use for some time. All of the bikes will be painted the same. The top tube has “TEAM ISSUE” stenciled on along with the riders name. It seems like a nice touch and sets the team bikes apart from customers’ bikes. The cross bike won an award at the show for Best offroad bike. I’m honored. Cyclingnews was at the show and had nice coverage of the show. Here’s what James wrote about the cross bike.

The show was fun on many levels. Meeting customers and other builders. As a craftsperson, one tends work in isolation. Meeting ones peers and talking shop is invaluable and satisfying on many levels. Like I said in my first sentence the show was a success.