FS Curt Goodrich kits

I’m proud to offer some Curt Goodrich clothing for sale.  This is the same clothing that the Curt Goodrich Racing Team wore in this year’s cyclocross season.  The picture shows the team in short sleeved jerseys and bibs. team The clothing is made by Pactimo.  Both the jerseys and bibs are from the Pactimo Continental line.  The jerseys have a full length zipper and are a race fit cut.  The fit is snug so if one wishes for a looser fit order up one size.  The bibs are very comfortable, look great with the jersey and the overall quality is excellent. For sizing information use the Pactimo sizing chart here- http://pactimo.com/custom/pages/size_chart

Please carefully consider the sizing  before ordering because I won’t be ordering a great deal of extra sizes.

The other item that I’m proud to offer for sale are socks from Sock Guy.  Go here for sizing info- http://sockguy.com/customerservice.html These are from Sock Guy’s line of Isowool socks.  They are 75% merino wool.  If you’ve worn these socks you already know how comfortable they are in a wide range of temperatures.  If you’ve never worn these socks try them!  You might throw away all of your plastic socks.  Wool wicks moisture amazingly well thereby keeping your feet cool in the heat and warm in the cold.  Another benefit of wool is that when you sweat the material doesn’t stink like synthetics.  While I’m not advocating questionable hygienic practices, in a pinch, one can conceivably wear these socks more than once between washings without your riding partners noticing.  These socks are black which is ideal for hiding any dirt stains while the color and length make them business attire friendly.   The sock design template will show on the bottom of this post.

So here’s the nitty gritty- I will be ordering from Pactimo and Sock Guy in two weeks from today.  Mail me a check for your order or pay pal is accepted at info@curtgoodrich.com if you pay the additional pay pal fees.  On December 2, I’ll place the order with Pactimo and Sock Guy for the items that I’ve received payment for.  Both companies project a 5 week turn around.  Once I have the items then I’ll ship them out to you.

  • $90 short sleeve jersey with full length zipper
  • $90 bibs
  • $160 long sleeve skinsuit
  • $12 pair of socks.  Buy 10 pairs and get 2 additional pairs free
  • $10 shipping via USPS