Frame & Fork painted Team Blue

IMG_2523IMG_2524IMG_2526IMG_2529IMG_2530IMG_2531This is a frame and fork built to accommodate medium width 700c tires, fenders and carry a rear rack.  The customer wants to do some weekend touring and explore gravel roads.  The bike is not a full blown touring bike though.  So it’s intended to handle and feel proper unloaded or with a small load.  The bike will have V brakes but the customer and I decided the rear cable stop would be a nice addition.  In the future, the customer could switch to cantilevers.  If that never occurs, the cable stop is small and unobtrusive so it will go unnoticed even if never used.  The lugs are Sachs Nuovo Richie series with the points on the head tube removed.  I really like the look.  Simple yet elegant.  The bb shell and fork crown are Sachs too.  The white cutouts really pop against the blue without being too much.  I like that.