Fork tips

Drop outs are one of many ways for a frame builder to impart their own style, character and craft to their frames.  One of the things that I do to front drop outs is square up and angle the opening of the drop out.  It’s a very old technique that has it’s origins in racing.  Builders used to do it to speed up wheel changes.  The profiling of the tips allows the wheel to hit the slot a little easier and acts as a wedge between the axle and the quick release.  It does help but that’s splitting some fine hairs.  I like how it looks and that’s important.  Still one of my pet peeves is aesthetic considerations that negatively affect the function or performance of the bike.  My point is that this aesthetic touch comes with no disadvantage.IMG_2476IMG_2477 I hesitate to blog about this because I suspect I’ll start seeing other builders doing this.  But it’s not like I invented it.  So give it a look.