26″ wheeled tour/all rounder

jt1jt2jt3jt4This bike is built around 26″ wheels and clearances for 55mm tires. The fork crown is a Pacenti and is reminiscent of the old Bridgestone mountain bike crown. I like it. The crown takes a 1.125″ steerer so that’s why the head tube is so large. You’ll notice the frame is fillet brazed but there’s a seat lug. I thought the lug “went” with the crown nicely and since this bike isn’t a mountain bike I didn’t feel it was necessary to comply with that aesthetic. The paint is the same one that I used on the early bike entitled candy apple red. The color isn’t a true candy because the clear coat isn’t tinted to create the effect. The effect is in the base coat. It’s really a nice color and reminds me of the Colnago Sarroni rode back in the day. The water bottle braze ons near the fork crown are for a rack that will be made in the future. The rack will be a large platform style rack to carry groceries. The customer wanted to wait on that project but it made sense to put the mounts on now.