Sax Max Lugs:

Here’s the first frame ever built with Richard Sachs’ new lugs called Sax Max.

Rohloff frame:

This frame is built for a Rohloff hub, disc brakes and a Phil Wood eccentric bottom bracket. The bb shell is fillet brazed and the rest is lugged. The rear drop outs are from Paragon Machine Works.

Das Knob:

Here’s some pictures of a still hot fillet brazed bb shell. You will notice that the shell is for a Phil Wood eccentric bb.

Team Blue Road Bike:

While the photo is less than ideal I think it still captures the essence of the bike nicely.

Frame & Fork painted Team Blue:

This is a frame and fork built to accommodate medium width 700c tires, fenders and carry a rear rack. The customer wants to do some weekend touring and explore gravel roads.

Fork tips:

Drop outs are one of many ways for a frame builder to impart their own style, character and craft to their frames.

A recent interview-:

A local bike racer/ad agency owner/all around good guy Peter Anderson stopped by and interviewed me. The subsequent story was posted on his blog here-

FS Curt Goodrich kits:

I’m proud to offer some Curt Goodrich clothing for sale. This is the same clothing that the Curt Goodrich Racing Team wore in this year’s cyclocross season.

2009 MN State Cyclocross Championship:

The States are this weekend. Two full days of racing on November 14-15. Here’s your opportunity to support some great local businesses while supporting the local racing scene.

This last year:

This last year has been a difficult one for me both professionally and personally. Like everyone knows, these obstacles have a way of altering plans.

Oregon Manifest Design Challenge Bike:

Here’s a video of the bike that I built for Josh. He rode his new bike in the Design Challenge and did very well in the road race. Josh got fourth place in the 77 mile mixed terrain race

Theo. Wirth Park race:

Here’s some photos of the team racing on Sunday, October 11. The course included a difficult run-up. The hill wasn’t really long but very steep with railroad ties placed in irregular intervals as steps.

Team picture:

On my last entry I forgot to post a team picture. This photo was taken at Madison-

Cyclocross Race Team Debut:

On Sept. 26-27 the new Curt Goodrich Racing Team made it’s debut at the US Gran Prix of Cyclocross in Madison, WI. We had a great time and everyone raced well. The bikes and kits were well received. I’m looking forward to more weekends of racing and camaraderie. I’d like to thank our financial sponsors-

Photo update:

The photo on the home page has changed. That’s obvious at quick glance and if you go to the cross bike section you’ll see more new photos.


Finally I have a wireless connection. My landlord provides a wireless signal but I was unable to reliably receive it in my shop.

My experiences at NAHBS:

The show was a great success. The attendance rate was great and the people were so kind and gracious. I thoroughly enjoyed myself. I can say that in retrospect though.

An apology:

It came to my attention that my blog was not accepting comments. I was receiving notifications of a pending comment but was unable to see what the comments were.

NAHBS update:

The show is drawing near. I’m getting very excited and a little bit nervous. This will be my first time showing my bikes at anything like this. The frames are built and painted.

Welcome to the new web site and blog!:

The new website and blog have been live now for a week. I am so pleased with how it turned out. Working with Todd was a real pleasure and he did an amazing job. Thank you so very much.

26″ wheeled tour/all rounder:

This bike is built around 26″ wheels and clearances for 55mm tires. The fork crown is a Pacenti and is reminiscent of the old Bridgestone mountain bike crown.


This frame was just sprayed with an epoxy primer. The epoxy primers are really good at sealing up the tubes from moisture and stay put extremely well.

Cold commute:

I’ve never used wordpress before and I’m not too computer savy so bear with me. My commute in today was cold. 1 degree F to be exact. Somehow I stayed warm except for my toes.

I’m going to try posting a picture. This is an old Radios head light from the 50’s I think. It might be older. The customer gutted it and stuffed in a modern Schmidt Edelux led head light. It looks old but performs as a very modern light.

Baffin Blue:

That’s the name of the Dupont paint color. I took these photos inside because it was too cold outside to sit in the snow. The color in natural light is a classic baby blue or some might call it a French blue or is it bleau? I only took one quarter of French but I should know. Anyway, this is a repaint of the earlier Tournesol. I’m happy with how it turned out.

Candy Apple Red:

That’s the color. It looks really great in person. The pictures make it look a little maroonish but it’s not. Probably the fluorescent lights. I like it.

531 Sportif:

This frame is built with NOS Reynolds 531 tubes along with stamped and welded long point Prugnat lugs. The lugs take a lot of work to make them presentable. I reshaped and filed them to a new profile. These old lugs present many challenges but in the end they can look really great.

Wally’s wine:

Steve asked me to paint this frame and showed me a picture of a Baylis. The customer wanted that color. Brian Baylis is famous for mixing his own colors and is a master at it. Me, well, I’m a rookie.

One of the twins is built:

Pete got his frame built up. This is one of the twin frames. I think it looks good. If my bikes were only one color that blue would be it. He says he likes it. This bike can be ridden almost anywhere. From smooth paved roads with 23mm tires to gravel roads with 30mm tires. […]

Kevin’s 650B frame and fork:

This frame and fork are built around 650B wheels. Pacenti stainless lugs and bb shell paired with a Sachs fork crown. The photos aren’t very good because I took them quickly in the bright sun. I couldn’t clearly see the display so the I didn’t notice the focus is a little off. The finish on […]

Team Red:

Finally after a summer vacation and a recovery time from a pinched nerve in my neck I got this frame painted and shipped out. This is RT’s frame from the previous post. The red is a highly pigmented red. Expensive color but worth it. The lugs, crown and bb shell are Pacenti. The last two […]

RT’s road frame and fork:

This is a road frame and fork. Built around short reach caliper brakes and a sensible road geometry. It’s a style I know well and have built the most. The lugs and crown are Pacenti. They are stainless and will get polished. Actually the seat lug won’t because I don’t polish those. So the head […]

TK’s rando frame and fork:

This frame and fork are designed and built around 650B wheels. The lugs are from Richard Sach and are called Rene Singer. The fork crown and bb shell are Pacenti. Built with light tubes and painted by JB. There’s a custom stem, tail light and front rack but I’ll wait to get complete bike pictures. […]

BB’s frame:

I finally got this project painted. The frame has bi-laminate construction which is fillet brazing combined with lugged construction. The paint color is a stock color for a 1938 Ford Model A. It’s sort of blue and sort of green depending on the light. The fenders are Honjos. I almost didn’t mask off the ends […]

Pearl cross frame and fork:

Built with Sachs lugs, crown and bb shell. Light tubes and will be built with Tune parts. This will be an all out race bike first with the ability to add fenders in the off season. I’m happy with how it all turned out. The paint is white with an alabaster pearl in the clear. […]


I built these for two customers that are pals. One lives on the East Coast and the other lives on the West Coast. Both customers wanted the bikes painted identically. The colors and paint scheme were up to me. The only restriction and really it was more of a suggestion was not red because Tom […]

Front rack:

Here’s some photos of a recently completed front rack. The frame and fork were done awhile ago but I was waiting for special mounting bolts to come in from Japan. The bolts replace the ones that mount the brake to the pivots. Finally the bolts showed up but they didn’t work! Wrong thread pitch on […]

Now for something completely different:

I finally finished the bi-laminate frame. It’s built to be a single speed or converted to a 3 speed Sturmey Archer with a coaster brake. The gear cable is routed internally. The cable enters the down tube near the head tube and exits near the bb shell. The cable goes under the bb shell and […]


Sorry for the lame formatting. Here’s some shots early into a build. Combining lugs with fillet brazing is often called bi-laminate construction. At least it is in England. This has never been a common form of joint joinery in the U.S. so I’m not sure if we have a term for it. I like to […]

Paint shop is open!:

Here’s pictures of my first solo paint job. It turned out really well. There’s room for improvement but the masking turned out crisp, no runs and the final clear has good gloss. I’m proud of it. The colors are much better in person. The green has a sort of gold pearl effect combined with a […]

Computer hiatus:

I have a love/hate relationship with computers. This condition goes in streaks and lately I’ve been hating computers. Hating is too strong a word. Really I’ve been avoiding dealing with pictures and blogging. These activities so often feel like a waste of time. I know they’re not but like so many one person operations sometimes […]